Start a Team or League


NYFO is dedicated to being an asset to the sport of football and that means being a good partner to existing teams, especially local high schools.

Therefore we want to be a good steward and provide opportunities for HS athletes and their feeder programs in all forms (middle school, pop warner, city/county leagues etc) to keep their teams together during the off-season.

There are multiple ways this is accomplished. Contact your local Commissioner to explore the best way for us to assist you with your team.

* Never will our leagues, camps, instruction, etc., take the place of or compete with high school or other organized football programs.


How do I begin the process of starting my League(s)?

1. Submit Contact Us Form

Fill out the short Contact Us Form found at the "Contacts" Tab in the above. In "Message" please indicate your city and state and your desire to start an NYFO in your area. Your NYFO League Development Partner will contact you within 48 hrs. and arrange an informational phone call.

2. Application

If a territory is available in your town and you have further interest in owning your own "Football and Cheer" business, NYFO will send you an application to do business as NYFO

3. Operating Agreement or Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review

After your application is approved, NYFO will forward you the appropriate documents to review and begin the process as a League Owner and/or Franchisee.

4. Execution of Agreement

Following your review and document approval, we will execute the agreement 14 days after your receipt of the documents.

5. Initial Training

Immediately following the execution of your documents, NYFO will begin your initial training and schedule a visit to our Home Office in Raleigh, North Carolina

6. Operation

Once you begin your training you are considered the new owner/operator of NYFO and the beginning of your successful career in football and cheer begins.