NYFO is powered by former NFL players and great coaches. Many league commissioners have experience playing at every level and have played in a variety of professional leagues including the NFL, NFL Europe, USFL, XFL, Arena and Semi-Pro leagues. Others are proven high school and college coaches or have extensive experience managing and coaching highly successful youth football programs.

Because NFYO is a national organization, we can offer teams the opportunity to compete in State, Regional and National tournaments.

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How Can I Start My Own League in My Area?

NYFO is always looking for great partners to join our team. If there's no league in your area and you'd like to learn more about becoming a commissioner, please complete our contact form or email us at info@playnyfo.com.


National Youth Football Organization

Enhancing the sport of football and the lives of those associated with the greatest fraternity on the planet

Powered by former NFL players and great coaches across the United States

The National Youth Football Organization (NYFO) is an international governing body for youth and amateur American Football. The NYFO establishes consistent rules, regulations, operating procedures, code of conduct and sanctions: 7on7 : 7v7 football and The Big 5 Lineman Game to include: league play, tournaments, competitions, and position specific training.

The NYFO is dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion as it pertains to athletes and coaches and forges strategic partnerships to assure every athlete has opportunities to participate

NYFO provides student-athletes enjoyable (non-contact) opportunities to play football year round while focusing on: fundamentals, game & position specific knowledge, safety, leadership, and character development through participation and competition.

NYFO provides former NFL players and seasoned coaches the opportunity for "Life after the League", by providing them their own business and equipping them with the business acumen, tools & resources, and encouragement they need to help them be successful.

NYFO serves as an asset and advocate for local High School Teams. NYFO encourages and assists youth and middle school programs to become/continue to be a "feeder program" to its local High School(s). As well, NYFO forges relationships with NCAA programs, NFL and other professional football programs/affiliates to advocate their involvement and investment in our local High School Football Programs. NYFO does not conduct, promote, or encourage league play, camps, training, etc that conflict with a High School Coaches time with his players.

7on7 and Tackle

The NYFO mission with 7on7 leagues and programs is to be a true asset, advocate and feeder program to local youth, middle school, and high school tackle football programs. Many of our teams run the plays and schemes of their Fall football programs.
7on7 is "non-contact"/ one hand touch. In this non-contact environment players can focus on fundamentals, position specific skills, game knowledge and having FUN. With so much negative attention given to concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), 7on7 offers parents a safer alternative for kids wanting to play football, whether it is enhancing their skills for the next level or just introducing them to the sport of football.

7on7 vs Flag

The rules of play, and structure of flag doesn't transition into 11 man football nearly as well as 7on7.

Most Flag programs are played with only 5 athletes on each side of the ball. It's a nice recreational activity for adults but questionable as a tool for potential football players. 5 on 5 doesn't allow the athletes to learn the rules, formations, or position specific schemes of FOOTBALL

Most importantly, Flag football can encourage poor habits such as:
1. Spinning to avoid tackles/the flag pull,
2. Decelerating when trying to make a "tackle" and the big "no no"
3. Putting your head down to find the flag. Yikes!

Each of these areas, are major concerns for the NYFO as we feel the above promotes unsafe practices that can lead to injury and contradicts what football advocates are trying to accomplish as we increase the safety and enjoyment of the game.
7on7 is safer and more fundamentally sound.

NYFO Partnership Pledge

The NYFO supports any and all organizations that participate in any aspect of the game, as long as safety and fundamentals are properly enforced. The purpose of NYFO leagues, camps, and training is to TEACH! Our participants are more knowledgeable, fundamentally sound and safer. We are committed to enhancing the caliber of player and the sport of football from youth through the NFL.

What is 7on7

7on7 is a pass intensive football league that reinforces solid football fundamentals and skill development for participants. The rules of play, offensive and defensive formations, and play calling are the exact same as 11 man football, which better prepares athletes for tackle football and ultimately enhances the calibre of player and the sport.

The 3 major differences with 7on7 are:
1. No lineman (We do have the The NYFO Big 5 Lineman Game for the Big Guys).
2. No Contact
3. 50 yard field.

The factors above create a faster pace, yielding more quality reps for each participant thus smarter, safer, and better prepared players for their tackle programs.

Coaches at all levels support 7on7 because it provides an opportunity to develop skills, learn the game, improve conditioning and foster team chemistry in a competitive environment.

Want proof? 7on7 is incorporated in most Middle School, High School, College, and Professional football practices.

Who Can Play?

Boys and girls of all skill levels, ages 6-18 years can play NYFO 7on7

When is it played?

NYFO promotes two specific seasons (SPRING & FALL). However, some leagues operate year round for younger athletes. Check your local NYFO League for details.

As not to interfere with tackle football organizations, our primary season is Spring, which serves all ages 6-18 years of age.
The NYFO Fall 7on7 league is only for ages 13 and under.