High School 15U and 13U National Championship Rules

National Championship Rules HS

  1. 7 defenders (may not line up 8 & drop one before snap) and 6 offensive players (must use an "ineligible" center or extra player to snap).
  2. Each possession starts on the 40 yard line - going in.
  1. First downs are made by crossing the 25 yard line and the 10 yard line.
  1. (4) downs to make a first down; even inside the 10 yard line.
  1. PAT snaps 1-point from the 5 yard line, offensive choice of hash. 2-point conversions will be from 10 yard line with choice of hash in tournament play (if chosen).
  1. 4.0 seconds to get pass off. It will be a loss of down and treated as a sack if not thrown in time (4.01 or greater). The clock will be stopped on a sack in the final 1:00 of the game.

NOTE: Passes may be thrown behind the line of scrimmage but receiver must advance beyond L.O.S. or play will be treated as a sack.

  1. (4 ) second clock starts on snap of ball.
  1. Possession changes after PAT attempt, failure to make a first down, or turnover.
  1. Games are 21:00 to 30:00 long. The clock runs continuous & only stops according to rules during the final 1:00 Clock does stop for timeout (1 minute). There is no overtime in pool play.
  1. CLOCK WILL STOP during injury and resume when player is safely removed from field
  1. Overtime in tournament play consists of 3 plays from 10 yard line. Each team has an attempt to score in each overtime period. Starting with the 3rd and subsequent overtimes, all PATʼs must be 2 point attempts from the 10 yard line. Overtime periods are not timed.
  1. One (1 minute) time-out per team per game (clock stops). (1) additional time-out per overtime.
  1. All offensive formations must be legal sets. (3 players which include the "CENTER" must be on the line of scrimmage.
  1. (25) seconds to get the play off.
  1. One-hand touch anywhere.
  1. No running plays allowed, No Handoffs.
  1. No Rushing by Defense
  1. No Fumbles. Ball is dead if it touches the ground
  1. A muffed snap is NOT a fumble/dead ball
  1. No double passes or shuffle passes.
  1. Two Offensive coaches allowed on the field behind huddle and out of the field of play, Defensive Coach from the sidelines. (ok to huddle with team on hash near sideline)
  1. Scoring:
  2. A) Touchdown - 6 points
  3. B) Interception - 3 points ( no runbacks for safety reasons, no points for INT on PAT)
  4. C) Turnover on downs - 2 points
  5. D) PAT - 1 point from 5 yard line or 2 pts. from 10 yard line
  6. E) Turnover on PAT is dead ball

*Official Score will be kept and reported by referee

  1. Penalties


  1. A) Offsides/Illegal Procedure = Loss of Down
  2. B) Delay of Game = Loss of Down
  3. C) Pass Interference = 5 yard penalty and loss of down
  4. D) Exceeding 4 seconds to release the ball = loss of down
  5. E) No Blocking (including Screens)
  6. F) Personal Foul = loss of down and 5 yards from original line of scrimmage.
  7. G) If defensive holding occurs on the same play as a sack, the defense will be penalized and the sack is void


  1. A) Offside = 5 yard penalty
  2. B) Defensive Holding = 5 yard penalty
  3. C) Defensive Pass Inference = first down at the spot of the foul
  4. D) Any dead ball penalty on the defense AFTER a change of possession would result in loss of down for that teams offense when they begin their ensuing possession.
  5. E) Personal Foul: = 1st down and 5 yards from original line of scrimmage.
  6. F) Responsibility to avoid contact is with the defense. The defense is allowed an

INITIAL disruption, and then must cover. Excessive or prolonged contact will result in a "Tack on" penalty at the end of the play (5 yard penalty)

* Fighting / unsportsmanlike conduct: 1st offense = ejection from game. 2nd offense = ejection from tournament.

* Fighting / unsportsmanlike conduct (team): if any player leaves the sideline to participate in an on-field fight, the ENTIRE TEAM WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE TOURNAMENT.

24.Seeding, Tournament, and Tie-breakers:

  1. A) Teams will be broken into pools within your division
  2. B) Teams will be seeded for the tournament according to division and overall records from pool play.
  3. C) Records which are tied after pool play will be broken as follows:

" 1. Head - to - Head

" 2. Fewest points allowed.

" 3. Most points scored.

" 4. Flip of coin.

  1. D) Tournament is single elimination format, including a second Championship Game if needed.
  1. Uniforms:

Helmets and Mouthpieces are required for each player playing with a designated High School

For NYFO, Select, Showcase etc, helmets are not required but Mouthpieces are

  1. B) All players must be in team uniform

  1. General Information:

*Up to 100 Team, 7-on-7 National Championship Tournament.

*Each team will play a minimum of 3 games in pool play and a minimum of 1 game in single elimination bracket/championship play, *Format subject to change based on registration numbers

*Each team guaranteed a minimum of 4 games.

*Two (2) Certified Official on each field during pool play

*Two (2) or more certified AHSAA officials on each field during bracket play.