*Team Registration for 11U, 15U and 18U is FULL

*Allowing (1) more 13U Team for registration

* If you are an athlete who played in the Spring/Summer league there may be spots still available for your Fall team (CHECK WITH COACH BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO REGISTER)

*If You are 15U or 18U and did not play and/or do not have your 2020 NYFO uniform, we can no longer take "NEW REGISTRANTS"

*If you are an athlete signing up for an 11U or 13U team check with your coach before attempting register.

A. Initial Pre-Registration is done for "TEAMS" not "INDIVIDUALS"

1. Minimum of (12) players per team

2.If you are associated with a "team or "club" with (24+) players, it is best to set up multiple teams to assure everyone is getting reps. (The costs are the same).

3. As always, it is out preference that individuals play with their regular teammates of their (11)man tackle, Fall football team

B. Individuals not on a team can start a team or find one near you.

1. Use your social media to connect with local players who want to form a team and teams that are looking for more players (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) There are lots of folks doing the same.

2. Tag us and/or add #NYFOFALL7on7 we will help get people together

C. Once a coach has a minimum of (12) athletes recruited

1. Contact NYFO at info@playnyfo.com with "NEW TEAM FOR FALL" in subject line and attach your roster with Team name and AGE category (11U, 13U, 15U, 18U). Ages are as of August 1, 2020

2. We will respond with your promo code

3. Following the aforesaid, the coach or stakeholder will distribute the code and link to his players and they will register online at www.playnyfo.com


* Please note, the fees above allow us to operate at costs with no profit. Each field is $125 hour, (lights are $25 an hour per field per hour). plus $40-60 per game for referees, and $200+ per field per week for paint and labor to paint fields, plus costs of insurance, uniforms. Our organization does not typically offer Fall football as we advocate for and serve (11) man tackle programs and will never compete. Our 2020 desire is to provide an opportunity to stay active and have social interaction for our young people who desire to participate.


A. League games will run every week from September 12-October 31

B. League Tournament is November 7 (no extra costs)


A. Raleigh- As of current, all games are scheduled to be played in Raleigh near 540 and 70 intersection.

B. Wilson NC and Elizabeth City also have leagues (see their league page for more info)


A. There are no maximum or minimums on practice times and days

B. It is the discretion of the coaches and/or team stakeholders as to the locations, number of days and times of practice


A. We will follow all social distancing guidelines

1. We anticipate being in various phases during our season

B. We will take every precaution to keep our athletes, coaches, and their families in the safest environment possible while giving them the opportunity for physical activity and social interaction



A. All coaches, stakeholders, and team volunteers will register as a coach/volunteer at www.playnyfo.com

B. Eligibility for High School Coaches to participate with their teams will vary by county. If you are a HS Coach please verify with your county or school AD.

*PLEASE NOTE: Organizing a Fall football season was never the plan for NYFO, but with the recent announcements coupled with our mission we felt it our duty to serve those who desire to play. All of the great people that have come together to make this happen are doing so on a volunteer basis and the fees charged are hard costs associated with the operations. Therefore, once you have registered and your uniform and insurance has been ordered, should you cancel for any reason, we will not be offering refunds. However, you will keep the uniform you ordered and you will remain to be insured for any NYFO activities through March 2021. Although we don't foresee it, If NYFO is forced to cancel activities by a governmental entity or reasons out of our control, players will be refunded the total amount of unused monies from registration fees that cover the expenses of games, which is $8 per game.