NYFO 7on7 League Play for 8U and 10U

7on7 Leagues 8U and 10U

National Youth Football Organization "NYFO" offers "No Contact" year round Football Leagues! Now devoted athletes can continue to enhance their skills and become a better player. High energy excitement and competition! This fast paced, speed sensitive non-contact league will get athletes in great shape while having a blast.

7 on 7 Football League

7 on 7 football has become the approved and encouraged activity, for football players ten years of age and under, in the off-season across the United States. The mission is to provide the structure for football players tens years of age and under whereby they can develop their skills, competing in the off-season at organized local, regional and nationals events.

7 on 7 Football League Guidelines

The 7 on 7 League is a fun competitive, non-contact way to play football. It allows scoring both on the offense and defense. Participating in the NYFO offers athletes an exceptional, competitive way to hone their skills. 7 on 7 for (8U and 10U) consists of running, passing, and defending both.

ELIGIBILITY: Any enrolled student 5-10 yrs of age is eligible to participate in appropriate divisions.

*Ages 11-18 participate in the NYFO 7on7 leagues with no running plays allowed

  1. 8U
  2. 10U

* some leagues may choose to have younger divisions when there are enough athletes to warrant. See your state for details


Teams consist of 8-22 players together with 1-3 adult coaches. We will make every attempt to keep athletes with their Fall team participants. Input and assistance from Fall coaches is accepted and encouraged, as allowed by their governing bodies and/or schools.

Please check with your local League 'Contacts' for information on dates for the following:

  • Registrations
  • Testing
  • Practice
  • Season
  • Camp
  • Tourney


Spring/Summer Registrations begin each January 1

Fall Registrations begin each June 1 (8U, 10U, and 13U)


Spring Testing- First week of March (varies per league)

Fall Testing- Last week of July (varies per league)


Spring- Second week of March (varies per league)

Fall- First week of August (varies per league)


Spring- Mid April through May (varies per league)

Fall- Late August through October (varies per league)



Open Tourneys- (May/June) after regular season until State and National Championships

State Championships- Early June

National Championship mid June each year click here for details


Fall- State Championships November

SANCTIONS: National Youth Football Organization NYFO

EQUIPMENT: Mouthpiece & cleats will be worn at all practices and games - but no pads.

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