Lettermans Club

Lettermen's Club

The Lettermen's Club is an Athletic Leadership program endorsed by The National Youth Football Organization. We are so excited about this amazing opportunity to help the student athlete be GREAT on the field, in the classroom and in the community.

The Lettermen's Club (LC) will allow the student athlete to work with their Coach and their Career Development Coordinator at their school to help them pursue excellence. LC is for any high school athlete who wants to be great.

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Core Values: 10 Teammates in LC

The Lettermen have teammates that come alongside him to empower him to be an impact player on the field, in the classroom and in his community.

  1. Integrity: His words are consistent with his actions. He will do what he says he will do; He will be where he says he will be- on time.
  2. Teamwork & Sportsmanship: He has adopted the philosophy: "It's not about ME, but it's about WE." He's got his Teammates' back. Respect for his Teammates and his Opponents.
  3. Direction: Goal setting & listening to Instruction. Purity of purpose determines the strength of his resolve. He receives instructions from his parents, coaches, and teachers.
  4. Determination: (Attitude) He will always approach a situation with a "Can-do Spirit," tenacity, persistence, and intensity. He has removed "I can't" from his vocabulary.
  5. Diligence: Committed to working hard and to working smart in whatever he does. NO shortcuts to the top; only perspiration and preparation!
  6. Discipline: He is practicing accumulated knowledge in his area of expertise with excellence and perfect timing. He faces temporary pain for lasting fulfillment and reward.
  7. Excellence: It is his lifetime pursuit to be the best he can be on the field, in the classroom, in the community, in the work place, in relationships and in his family; it is his reward for diligently practicing his disciplines.
  8. Character: He steps up when he faces a challenge in any arena of life. He does not demand respect; He earns it.
  9. Leadership: He is a positive influence to one or to many. Respect is earned, not demanded.
  10. Courage: In the face of his fears, he does the right thing anyway.
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